Heart -15" x 1.5" - SmoothFoam®

Heart -15" x 1.5" - SmoothFoam®

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The 15 inch Extruded Decorative Foam Heart shaped wreath forms are fully round and approximately 1.5" thick. These heart shaped wreaths are made from 100% recycled Styrofoam and available in white only. 

Generations of floral designers and crafters have employed these hearts for both seasonal and special occasions throught the year. Paint, glue, wrap or cover with the materials of your choice to create your own special design. Valentine's day is only a beginning for inspirational designs using the solid styrofoam heart as a base.

Heart measurements are approximate from the bottom tip of the form to the furthest edge of both the left and right heart lobes and are available in 6", 9", 12" and 15" sizes.